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Global Trading Service

Hassoun Trading (Hasunoglu) a global trading company was founded in 2016 under the

banner of Confidence and Integrity with highly qualified employees and

long-term professional experience, we have diversified our trading portfolio

in 6 years of rapid growth, supplying and exporting from Turkey a various products worldwide.

We provide import & export procedure, methods and activity services as well as consultancy that will guide you throughout the entire process. We ensure cooperation with experienced professionals in their respective fields in effort to provide the highest quality of products, ensure timely deliveries and maintain customer loyalty.

Our Services

Our Services

Hasunoglu a global trading company is providing services to various international companies from Turkey, East Asia, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Our export–import services team examines the latest regulations frequently in order to minimize paperwork, expedite transit and lower shipping costs.

We provide customized quality services to support customer shipment of goods from and to Turkey.

Our partners include different international companies, wholesalers and manufacturers that we introduce to existing as well as potential customers in the US, Middle East, Africa and Asia, acting as a middleman to help introduce various products and services in foreign markets.

We ensure accurate communication when planning orders together with our customers and suppliers, with the aim of securing a consistent cooperation.


We are providing a wide range of support services, including advocacy, consulting, risk mitigation, market research, trade missions and trade show support, business matchmaking and custom programs, all designed to help you open doors overseas and attract new businesses.


Our Import Ocean Freight division is a highly valuable ally in your pursuit to do business in distant regions anywhere around the globe, be it Asia, the Middle East or Europe. We can also custom design an Ocean Freight Importing Program for your business.

The company’s vast network of logistics partners worldwide ensures the financial and physical security of your products.


The company has contacts with various shipping companies and freight forwarders in Turkey 

allowing us to introduce

our customers to Freight forwarding companies in order to import or export goods from or to Turkey.


We connect our customers with the most reliable freight forwarding companies in Turkey.

Other Supply chain Services 

Hasunoglu is providing a multiple supply chain services (locally & International).






Hasunoglu offering a full range of logistics services for export, import, and domestic businesses.

Vael Hasunoglu

Operation Director

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